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Our battery-fire containment kit is the only kit on the market that offers a comprehensive solution. It includes not only a fireproof bag, but also an extinguisher with an agent specifically designed to combat lithium battery fires, and heat-resistant gloves.

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Size mm:
L400 B170
Fireproof material:
UP TO 1000 °C/90MIN
Additional Equipment:
Shelf Life:
To be used for :
Technical Drawing::
XBAG - light
How it works
Six Steps to 100% fire protection. 
Step 1
Open the XBAG: Release the catch and fully unroll the bag.
Step 2
Put on the gloves: Protect yourself using the enclosed heat-resistant gloves.
Step 3
Extinguish the fire: Spray the extinguishing agent into the fire until the fire has been extinguished
Step 4
Place the device into the XBAG: put the extinguished device inside the XBAG for safe storage.
Step 5
Cool down the device: Spray onto the device inside the XBAG once more using the fire extinguisher.
Step 6
Close the XBAG: Firmly press the velcro fastener together and store the XBAG in a safe location (red hook can be used).

How battery fire prevention works

Standard fire extinguishers may tackle regular fires, but they fall short with lithium-ion battery fires. These fires require specialized solutions.

Precision cooling to prevent thermal runway is the most crucial step when it comes to fighting lithium-ion battery fires.

Containment acts as a barrier, halting the potential spread of fire and effectively managing hazardous smoke, ensuring a safer environment.
Storing damaged lithium batteries right isn't just a safety measure, it's the robust backbone that ensures a rock-solid shield against potential fires and reignition.


If you still have more questions, you can view our full questions page here: FAQ

Why is LIONLABS® XBAG kit better than other similar products on the market? Why its fire extinguisher is better than any other fire extinguishers?

The LIONLABS® XBAG kit is a unique and innovative product in the aerospace market. It is the only kit that includes either 2 extinguishers (XBAG 2 x 400ml) or 1 extinguisher (CBAG Cockpit - 1 x 400ml), a heat-resistant bag for storing damaged electronic devices or batteries, and heat-resistant gloves. Our extinguisher is specially designed to handle class D fires. It uses a water-based biodegradable agent that is non-harmful and does not produce toxic vapors. Unlike Halon extinguishers, our extinguisher is not pressurized and can deliver its full power even when upside down.

Please watch the video demonstrating the functionality of our extinguisher:



The LIONLABS® XBAG Extinguisher rapidly cools down burning appliances within 4 seconds, bringing the temperature back to room temperature. This cooling effect is achieved much faster compared to other tested extinguishers as per FAA/TC-13/53. Additionally, our extinguisher is effective in stopping thermal runaway, unlike traditional extinguishers.

Please watch the video of the performance test conducted at ZSW laboratories in Ulm, Germany:



Lastly, the LIONLABS® XBAG Kit is the only kit that fully complies with the recommendations of FAA AC 120-80B and SAFO09013, which advise against moving smoking or burning devices. This distinguishes it from other burn bags available on the market.

Difference of LIONLABS® XBAG Extinguisher from Halotron BrX

As far as we understand, the Halotron BrX Extinguisher is designed to replace traditional portable Halon extinguishers onboard. It has been tested against Fires A, B, and C. However, it has not been tested against Fires D, which involve combustible metals such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, and lithium. Fires involving combustible metals are present in nearly 100% of all electronic devices.

Do we need any maintenance regarding the kit?

The LIONLABS® XBAG does not require any maintenance. The extinguisher has a shelf life of 3 years (+3 months) and should be replaced after that period.

Can the LIONLABS® XBAG be leased

We offer both - buying and leasing options for the LIONLABS® XBAG Kit. It is up to the airline to choose the most convenient option. The advantage of the leasing proposition is the monthly payment system, eliminating the need for a full upfront payment. We call this leasing option "one dollar a day keeps the fire away". In other words, one LIONLABS® XBAG Kit costs 1$ per day for the first year (365$ per year), with the price decreasing in the following years.

What will happen if we use the device on board? Will we need to exchange it for another one? Is there a cost involved?

If the LIONLABS® XBAG Kit needs to be used on board to fight a fire incident, we will replace the used kit with a new one free of charge for your airline. We do not recommend reusing the LIONLABS® XBAG.

How fast can you exchange the device in case of being used? Can it arrive on the next day?

The LIONLABS® XBAG Kit can be exchanged within 48h within Europe after your notification. The used kit should be sent back to us together with incident form filled in (this form can be found inside the LIONLABS® XBAG).

Why the shelf life is 3 years only, can it be extended for 5 or 6 years?

Unfortunately, the shelf life of the extinguisher cannot be extended. The official shelf life of the agent is 3 years + 3 months. The additional 3 months serve as a buffer time from the date of production to the delivery to the airline. You can find the production date on the bottle and on the label of the plastic bag. We also have full traceability of every agent in our system and will notify you well in advance of any upcoming expiry. The agent itself has a limitless shelf life when stored under the right conditions (in a closed container between 0°C and 50°C). The functionality of the silicon bladder inside the bottle is the limiting factor. The manufacturer of the silicon valve system guarantees 3 years + 3 months of 100% reliability for the product.

In case we lease for 6 years but shelf life of the device is 3 years how do you exchange the devices?

We propose a leasing option for a minimum period of 3 years, which is related to the expiry of extinguishers. If the leasing cooperation extends to 6 years, we will exchange the Extinguishers. The airline will be responsible for collecting the LIONLABS® XBAG kits from the A/Cs and sending them to us. We will replace the Extinguishers, reprogram the RFID chip, pack the kits, and ship them back to you. The cost of replacing the Extinguishers is already included in the 6 years leasing option.

What kind of liquid do fire extinguishers contain? Is it poisonous?

The agent inside the extinguisher is not poisonous. On the contrary, it is a unique biological water-based agent that is suitable for all types of fires and does not contain fluor. It is environmentally friendly, non-aggressive, and safe for both people and animals. The agent is colorless (or slightly yellow) and has a neutral smell. Additionally, it is biodegradable within 28 days. However, it can cause skin irritation or redness upon contact and should be rinsed off with soap and water. If needed, technical data sheets can be provided upon request.

If we want to order for the current A/C fleet and later add 1 device for each new A/C, is it possible to do so or do we need to buy and pay in advance (considering when the 3-year option would start counting)?

In the case of cooperation, we would have a frame contract with your airline for a selected period of time (e.g., 3 years, 6 years...). Any additional LIONLABS® XBAG Kits can be ordered within this period under the same conditions as the initial quantity. The standard lead time for the LIONLABS® XBAG Kit is approximately 9 weeks. However, if you receive a new A/C before the planned date, we can propose a shorter lead time of approximately 3 weeks from the date of order.

Have you already encountered a real-life situation where the LIONLABS® XBAG kit was used on board? If yes, could you please share the details?

Several of our customers recently had to use the LIONLABS® XBAG on board to cool down their electronic device. The device did not catch fire, so there was no need to extinguish it with the agent. However, the action taken by the cabin crew was in violation of the airline's procedure and our recommendation.

In case we enter into a cooperation, can we get training devices provided to every base?

Yes. The Extinguishers will be filled with water for training purpose only.

What should the training for the device entail? Are there any mandatory requirements or can our airline customize it according to our standards? How do other airlines that have the device train their crew?

We can provide you with the training program offered by our partner Flame Aviation or Dynamic Advanced (LIONLABS® XBAG Training Academies): Flame Aviation Dynamic Advanced

Is the product inflammable? Do you have a relevant certificate?

The firefighting agent is non-flammable, meaning it does not burn. The LIONLABS® XBAG is made from an extremely abrasion and fire-resistant fabric, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1000 °C for 90 minutes. The safety gloves included in the kit are heat resistant, but they are not fire resistant.

Why is no certification required for LIONLABS® XBAG?

LIONLABS® XBAG has been discussed in detail with the FAA and EASA. It has been determined that certification is not required for LIONLABS® XBAG since it is considered passive or loose equipment that can be carried on board.

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