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Coming in hot- Introducing our LIONLABS® TEAM

Our vision
A world in which batteries pose no danger to humans and the environment.



Our mission
With our products and services, we enable companies and people around the world to safely handle batteries.


Thomas Knechtl
Business Development

Thomas loves playing with fire but even more so to help prevent battery fires in all areas. With a passion for promoting safety and a flair for State Of The Art Products, Thomas is set to elevate our mission in combating battery fires to new heights.

Juan Rodríguez
Meet Juan, our Battery Fire Solutions Expert! With a passion for safety, Juan brings in-depth knowledge and a customer-centric approach to our team. 
Mark Wörner
From supply chain optimization to delivery coordination, Mark crafts strategic logistics plans that keep our operations streamlined and agile to make sure our products are safely delivered worldwide.
Jana Knake
A firm believer in our mission, Jana is dedicated to spreading the message of fire safety, making our products more accessible and indispensable in the market.
Cathy Wollscheid
Social Media
Cathy is our social media wizard and a collaborative force. She creates social media campaigns that will not only raise awareness but also spark a genuine connection with our audience.