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Our objectives

Passenger safety
With the rising number of PEDs on board, our measures against battery fire risks underscore our commitment to prioritizing passenger safety above all, ensuring a secure and confident travel experience.
Risk mitigation
Our innovative products are engineered to minimize the need for emergency landings, providing passengers and crews with a smoother, more secure journey through innovative and reliable technology.
Crew confidence
With advanced technology and reliability at the core, our solutions empower crews to navigate incidents with assurance and focus, ensuring a smoother and more confident flight experience

Increasing Lithium Battery Incidents in Aviation

Lithium batteries pose risks, including fire hazards. Thermal runaway, a process where battery cells overheat and release flammable gases, can lead to fires. These incidents have been rising, with a 42% increase in lithium-ion battery fires onboard aircraft and in airports over the past five years, according to the FAA. On average, there is now more than one incident per week involving overheated lithium batteries causing smoke, fire, or extreme heat. In 2022, the FAA reported 62 incidents, up from 54 in 2021.

The number of these incidents has grown as more personal devices use lithium-ion batteries. In 2014, there were only nine lithium battery incidents reported all year, but last year there were nine incidents reported in each of three months. To prevent these incidents, refer to our article on safety tips for items with lithium-ion batteries.

In the event of a lithium battery fire, it is crucial to have the right fire fighting tool on board an aircraft, helicpoter or drone. The LIONLABS XBAG has been specifically designed and engineered to address and combat these hazardous situations.

Please note: dry powder extinguishers are suitable for Class D or combustible metal fires only, not lithium battery fires.

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