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Designed & Built
in Germany

Guarding industries from the risk of battery fires!

How battery fire prevention works

Standard fire extinguishers may tackle regular fires, but they fall short with lithium-ion battery fires. These fires require specialized solutions.
In our commitment to safety, precision cooling to prevent thermal runway is a pivotal element, ensuring optimal conditions to mitigate risks effectively.
Containment acts as a barrier, halting the potential spread of fire and effectively managing hazardous smoke, ensuring a safer environment.
Storing lithium batteries right isn't just a safety measure, it's the robust backbone that ensures a rock-solid shield against potential risks.

Your trusted partner in battery fire safety and consultation

In today's rapidly advancing world, where technology plays a pivotal role in our lives and batteries are widely used in various industries, it is imperative to address the potential risks associated with lithium-ion batteries.

At LIONLABS®, we are not just experts; we are pioneers in the realm of battery fire safety. With years of hands-on experience and an unwavering commitment to safety, we have become synonymous with expertise in mitigating battery fire incidents. Our team comprises industry veterans, engineers, and safety specialists dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and safety protocols.


Industries we serve:

AVIATION  Elevate safety standards in the skies with our cutting-edge solutions and consultancy services, ensuring secure air travel for passengers and crew.

E-MOBILITY  Lead the charge in the electric revolution with our expert solutions, making emobility not just sustainable but also safe and reliable.

PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE   Safeguard public spaces, transportation hubs, and critical infrastructure with our proactive safety measures and strategic consultancy services.

Our mission at LIONLABS® is to develop state-of-the-art solutions to mitigate these risks and provide industry-leading products.

Our Solutions

Designed to fit into your current safety procedures

Fully legally compliant
Our firefighting products are not just fierce, but fully legally compliant, setting the stage for a blazing performance in fire safety. With the law on our side, we're not just extinguishing flames; we're dominating them with style and precision.
Designed & produced in Germany
LIONLABS® products aren't just made, they're forged in the heart of Germany – a testament to precision, reliability, and quality. From the homeland of engineering excellence, our products stand tall, ready to rock the world of fire safety.
Fast & reliable support
When you need assistance, our team, comprised of seasoned aviation experts, takes the stage, ensuring your queries are not just answered but harmonized with precision.

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